We will be hosting a educational fire safe cleanup for homes in our community on May 15th from 12-4pm.


Our primary focus is increasing the defensible space for homes and getting your homes hardened for fire.  We will be sending out videos and information via our website and social media channels in the weeks before event. 


Get educated, get motivated and FIRE SAFE YOUR SPACE.  Then you can join us that Saturday and get your big branches and logs chipped for free.  You can bring those bulky items that are a backyard fire hazard or taking up precious space in your garage to our event to dump for NO FEE.   This is a no-cost event, but you can donate to our council and help our fire stations.


If our county is still in a Covid tier ORANGE we will make some adjustments and hopefully have more stations and more freedom of movement.  Either way, Masks are required. 


FREE Bulk Drop off!

Free Info Bag!

Smokey Swag for kids and Drawings. 

And more... SIGN UP below and follow us on social media and get your PLACE FIRE SAFE! 

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FREE Chipping! 

Succulent Drawing!

Free Bay Laurel or Rosemary    Sapling! 

SIGN UP to get more information on the FIRE SAFE YOUR PLACE event. 

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