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News and Events.

Thanks for stopping by at Clairemont Family Day! 

It was great to meet you and we hope that you enjoyed your day. 

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Insurance in the News... 

Grant Funding

We are thrilled to report that the CCFSC has received a very generous grant from SDG&E, administered via the San Diego Regional Fire Foundation. The grant will allow us to continue building a sustainable organization and expand our outreach efforts to engage more Clairemont, Linda Vista, and Bay Park residents about wildfire prevention and preparedness. 

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Fire Extinguishers... Which one to use!
How to use it! 
Coastal Canyon's Hot News...
Dates to add to your calendar. 

MEETINGS- Get involved in your community.  Most are via Zoom. 

November - 

Keep the leaves out of the corners of your yard, and against your fence, they can start a fire quickly.  

December -  

Be careful with candle and overloaded extension cords for holiday lights.  

Our Community Partners and Sponsors.

Support us through grants, cash, advertising, or in-kind donations. 
The Clairemont Town Council
The Burn Institute of San Diego
Toni Atkins - Pro Tem California Senate. 
Kevies Kitchen-02.png
Chris Cate - Dst. 6 Councilmember
Dr. Jen Campbell - Dst. 2

The Linda Vista Update. 

Raul Campillo - Dst. 7 Councilmember

Blue Line Media

Republic Service

Realtor Judy Spady

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Bayside Recreation Center

Join us in our mission to reduce wildfire damage and increase safety through community engagement on our Partner and Sponsor Page.  Email us below for more information 

Fire in the news...

What's behind San Diego's Wildfire Luck? From the Voice of San Diego.

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