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Non-renewal or INcreased Premiums?

Learn about how to get more for your money with home and fire insurance.  What to do if you cannot find insurance... Go to recorded webinars, forums and articles. 

66% of recent fire victims were underinsured... Are you underinsured? 

who can help you be prepared?

Knowing what you don't know about fire and home insurance can help you make the best decisions. Brokers are able to reach out to many companies that can help you. Whereas a captive insurer, like State Farm, Geico, etc., are more limited in what they can offer a person who is on the canyon.  This isn't a 15 minutes and we will save you $500 kind of thing... spending time and getting educated about fire insurance will save you money in the long run. 


Five Minutes for Fire. 

Money Saving Strategies.


Increase your deductible to $5000. Even if you have to use a credit care to pay it off when  needed, it will reduce your premiums and keep you from make small claims, which will increase your costs. 

Video to the cloud...

Do a quick walk thru video of your home, showing all of your expensive belongings and electronics.  Save it to the cloud or send it to a friend to keep for you. 

Photos of receipts...

When you buy a new big ticket item, take a picture of it and send it to the cloud. 


Help when you need it. 

The Roadmap to Preparedness is an outreach and education program that helps renters, home and small business owners take specific steps to protect their assets and build financial safety nets for disaster resiliency.


Non renewable, increased premiums?   We can help.

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Timothy Ross, insurance broker.

Timothy Ross, owner and broker for Goosehead Insurance can help you navigate this tough insurance climate. 


How the California Fair plan works.

Currently, the coverage in FAIR policies is limited to a few perils such as fire and smoke, which means you need to buy a second insurance policy for other risks like wind damage and liability. 

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