Our Fire Stations

The Coastal Canyon has 4 fire stations in our area and an additional in our future.  We hope to work with the stations, city, county, and state to improve our stations and their ability to protect our citizens.

Burn History.

This maps show the large fire burn history, although everyone of our canyons has experienced small fires that could have become a conflagration if not caught early.  The excessive fuel, increase in temperatures, and decrease in rain is increasing the chances of large fires in our canyons.

Wildlife Urban Interface

A wildland–urban interface (WUI) is a zone of transition between wildland(unoccupied land) and human development. Communities in the WUI are at risk of catastrophic wildfire and their presence disrupts the ecology.  We are finding out more about WUI and if we have additional areas that should be considered WUI within our boundaries. 

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